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Port: 7171

Version: Custom

World-Type: PvP

Exp: Stages

Magic: 120

Skill: 150

Loot: 2

Item Class


Reward Chest

Item Class
In Olimpia, each creature that spawns with some Skull has a chance to drop an item with differentiated quality.
There are 3 types of rarities for the items, and they are dropped according to the class of the monster.

The Rarities are:

Rare Items : | Items stronger than the common ones, are the best choice for low-level players. |
Can be dropped from any White Skull monster.

Epic Items : | Items that are stronger than Rares are the best choice for mid-level players. |
Can be dropped from any Yellow / Red Skull monster.

Legendary Items : | Most powerful items in the Game, are the best choice for high-level players. |
Can be dropped only from Black Skull monsters and obtained through quests.

There are also some secret stones that can turn ordinary items into class items. And they are obtained through quests around Olimpia.

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