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Port: 7171

Version: Custom

World-Type: PvP

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Welcome to Olimpia!

The first and best mythological tibia server

To start playing olimpia is very easy:

1º: Click on the button to the side to download.

2º: Create your account clicking Here.

3º: Access the server with the client you just downloaded.

4º: Visit our Wiki and stay up to date.

What do you need to know

About our server

Olimpia relies on a server unlike anything you have ever seen. Low/Medium experience, many goals and many systems.
We currently have 8 automatic events , lottery with automatic lotteries, where only you are online is already competing, rewards at level upar war sytem, ​​weapon refinement system (upgrade), numerous tasks with access to new caves and rewards, follow a God system, add points and leave your unique character, among others.

The main objective of this wiki is to be helping the journey of new players and also the most experienced, bringing a lot of solid information and that facilitates the gameplay of all. We ask that in case you have seen need to have any other content here, help us with the production of content by forwarding suggestions and texts to our forum , always aiming at the growth and enrichment of information to our entire community.

Make sure to visit our wiki daily, as we will be updating it constantly.

Getting Started

How to begin? Where to start? Check out more information below:

You should first create an account on our server, remembering that to avoid any inconvenience, never use the same login and password you have already used on other servers.
Discord , there you can find people who are also starting, teams formed and lots of good music to listen to while playing.

Olimpia Depot

In the depot of the main city you will find npcs negotiators, to whom they buy and sell items, as well as those who will give you missions which if performed will provide you with good remuneration, access to locked and exclusive places*. A traveling npc takes you to incredible cities, where portals that will lead you to events and also where are the accesses to teleports room as well as below amazing missions.


Your journey will surely begin here! Greece has all the necessary accommodations for you to feel at home, and it is there where your character is born, we have self explanatory information and tips all over the city. In the depot, you can sell your conquered items, use the bank, use teleports to start hunting and more. As you get stronger, other places need to be explored, do not just stick to the Greek territory, Olimpia is much more than that!


At Olimpia, we believe that your time is worth a lot, so our philosophy is to provide you with the biggest challenges possible without the boring part. But make no mistake about it, our rate is low and the teleports do not facilitate your game that much. Being an experienced or intelligent player still makes you different from others, enjoy it!
Many mysteries involve Hunts hunt areas, as well as quests and places hidden by the Gods.

Do not forget to talk to NPC Tasker whenever possible to ensure exp bonuses and rewards.!

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