Dungeon System


In Olimpia, the Dungeon system allows you to choose between playing alone or with friends in the party, and has a cost of 100k.
Each player gets 3 passes daily to access the Dungeons, never forget to use all your passes before the end of the day.

The time limit for facing these monsters will depend on the strength of the dungeon, the longer the force, the longer.

When all the monsters die, a BOSS is summoned inside the Dungeon and just killing him the teleport appears. The Dungeon also ends when all players die.

Just like the time within the dungeon, the rewards are based on the strength of the dungeon! The higher the strength of the dungeon, the better the reward!

To enter the Dungeons it is necessary to have at least a difference of 150lvs of difference from the player level lower to the highest.

To open the Dungeons menu just type !dungeon. It is necessary to be in the PZ zone.