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Port: 7171

Version: Custom

World-Type: PvP

Exp: Stages

Magic: 120

Skill: 150

Loot: 2

Skill Points System


Reward Chest

Skill Points
Our skill tree system is meant to make each character unique and according to your preference.
When passing level, each player receives 5 points to add to one of the available attributes. Attributes are defined according to the player's vocation.

Each player can build his character the way he likes to play.

Make your warrior focused on critical + life leech, for example. And find another warrior on the same level, who has totally different statuses from yours.

This way of customizing your character is one of our differentials. We are not just a server, we are Olimpia.

Atributes to Add
Notice: Each vocation has a unique tree. Some attributes are specific to PVP.
Points Type
Magic / Skill 10pts General
Critical Chance 25pts PVP
Life Leech Amount / Life Leech Chance 25pts PVP
Mana Leech Amount / Mana Leech Chance 25pts PVP
Movement Speed 20pts General

Notice: Mana/Life Leech for PVE are obtained by equipping special items on Olimpia.

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